Pharmaceutical Company
Founded in 2001

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors defines the strategic business guidelines and directions of the Company, and supervises
their implementation. Subject to the powers expressly attributed to the Shareholders’ General Meeting, and
within the scope of the company’s corporate purpose, the Board of Directors’ powers cover all issues relating
to the proper management of the company and through its decisions the Board determines all matters falling
within its authority.

Board Diversity

Each year, the Board of Directors conducts a review to ensure that there is an appropriate balance in its
composition. In particular, the Board seeks to ensure gender balance and a broad diversity of backgrounds and
countries of origin, international experience, reflecting R&D’s status as a diversified global business.

Above all, the Board seeks directors who show independence of mind and who are competent, dedicated and committed.


SAM R&D Pharma is a private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Monaco. Consequently,
our corporate governance framework reflects the mandatory provisions of Monaco corporate law.

Global Regulatory Affairs

After successful clinical trials, new medicines or treatments need to be licensed and approved before they can be made available to patients. Our team based primarily in Monaco and France works hard to ensure medicines gain and maintain the market or regional regulatory authorisations they need to ensure patients have access to both our new and older, medically important, R&D medicines.

To ensure that medicine approvals are managed efficiently, our policy team monitors how the regulatory environment is changing and how this might impact drug approvals in different markets. In Europe, we work with The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) to identify potential barriers with current legislation and help shape the system for new treatments, such as gene therapy and personalised medicine, to ensure medicine approvals can be even more efficient in the future. is also responsible for ensuring that information about each medicine or vaccine for both patients and healthcare professionals is kept up-to-date.

In addition to licensing and registration, our wider team and supply partners is also responsible for ensuring that information about each medicine or vaccine for both patients and healthcare professionals is kept up-to-date.

Team Expertise

Materials Science – defining the physical and structural properties of a medicine i.e. whether it’s a liquid, tablet or capsule

Analytical Research & Development (R&D) – develops the analytical tools and methods to characterise and ensure the quality of a medicine

Chemical Research & Development – efficient delivery of the active ingredients within a medicine

Drug Product Design and Supply – innovative design and supply of medicines to address patient needs

Quality Assurance – monitoring compliance and assuring quality


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