Pharmaceutical Company
Founded in 2001

Product Assurance Team

Monaco is home to our Product Assurance Team (PAT) who help ensure R&D’s medicines are consistently manufactured to the highest possible standards for the benefit of patients around the globe.

Research Partnerships

Academic collaborations are a rich source of creativity and scientific talent. Pooling resources and expertise can help the EU life sciences community to find and develop new medicines and vaccines. It’s what we call our “R&D ecosystem”.

R&D has very close collaborations and strategic alliances across the EU. Through these partnerships, we work with scientists, academics and clinicians to deliver world leading scientific research.

Our deep expertise in disease pathways helps us take aim at smart targets, while our unique technologies empower us to develop drugs, biologics, and genomic medicines with the potential to transform the practice of medicine.

Our partner manufacturing sites in France and EU is able to perform every step in the complex process of producing a new medicine and existing medicines.


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